Hip Chix Fundraisers – Fundraising Made Easy

When it comes to fundraising most people have a common thought in their mind, that it is a lot of work that is full of hassles.  They will have to run from house to house collecting money and orders, leave catalogs in the break rooms at work, etc.; but the reality is, with online fundraising, fundraising has become easy!

The advancement of technology, availability of the internet and availability of fundraising sites such as, fundraising has become a more streamlined process, making it much easier to raise more money in less time. Now you can reach your fundraising goals with a unique fundraiser that is less work.


Hip Chix offers an easy, online fundraiser, where women’s charities sell fun, trendy jewelry while receiving 40% to 50% of every sale for their charity fundraiser!

How Can Hip Chix Online Fundraiser help you?

Hip Chix will create a unique link (URL) specific for your charity to the Hip Chix Fundraisers site.  Your custom URL is how they will track your sales and know which charity will receive the profits from each purchase.  To get your unique URL, you will have to give some basic information about yourself and the team (cheerleading group, sorority, church group, Avon 39 breast cancer walk, etc.) with whom you are associated.

Once you have your unique URL, the Hip Chix team will help you to build your online fundraising campaign through email, social media and your website.  The success of your fundraiser will depend on your members, friends and families sharing your URL and getting the word out about your fundraising campaign.

Your donors, members, friends and family, near and far, will be able to click your URL, shop the trendy jewelry on the Hip Chix site while supporting your great cause.  A minimum of 40% of each purchase will go to your fundraiser and you can receive as much as 50% depending on your total sales.


Everyone knows that most women love to help others and they love jewelry; so, if you combine these two things you really do have a perfectly unique fundraising idea. By using the platform provided by Hip Chix Fundraisers you will easily collect a good amount in a shorter amount of time.

We think Hip Chix Fundraisers offers an easy fundraising idea for cheerleading teams, sorority fundraisers, church group fundraising, Avon 39 walks, Susan G. Komen walks and any other women’s charity trying to raise money in a fun, unique way!  To learn more about it go to