Today’s Best Courier Companies

Courier companies have a large role to play in making the experience of sending and receiving mails and packages from all over the world. Different courier companies have different properties unique to themselves which are how they are preferred by people. People look at all the aspects before choosing a courier company they can rely on forever, and the one that provides the best services is instantly liked. With so many courier companies operating throughout the world, the competition at the task of delivering mails and packages has grown tougher. Here is a short list of the world’s largest courier companies functioning.


The headquarters of DHL lie in Germany, but they provide international parcel service UK and other countries as well. It is one of the largest logistics company operating throughout the world, dominating the sea and air mail. It was founded in the late twentieth century and just worked to deliver packages from San Francisco to Honolulu. Gradually it started extending its services so that by 1970’s it had become one of the largest courier companies.


Federal Express is most commonly known as FedEx and an American global courier which is why if you are planning to send a parcel to USA from UK then this is the courier company you should go for. Its headquarters are in the in Memphis, Tennessee. It was founded in the year 1971 by Fredrik W. Smith. Currently, it is earning huge bucks making it one of the largest courier companies in the world and the most renowned. It has up to three hundred thousand employees, from which it can be seen how important the business of providing courier services is.

Express Mail Service (EMS):

As implied from its name, it is known to deliver packages on an accelerated level. It provides this service on an international level. It has become very popular amongst the people as it is able to deliver packages faster than any other courier company. Since it was first founded, over 177 postal administrations have become a part of the EMS Cooperative which represent eight-five percent of the EMS operators all around the globe now.


The Company has its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. It is basically an international express, mail delivery, and a logistics services company as well. It first operated the Dutch national postal service under the name of TNT Post. It has extended its services to major European countries like UK, Germany, Italy, and Belgium.